3D modeling services

You think, we digitize your ideas. Yes that’s exactly what 3D modeling service is all about. With the help of our techie gang, the professional CADD Engineers, watch Instapro3D transform your ideas into virtual 3D models.
Now what all can be thought of? Anything. From a key chain to a bike model; from a hair-clip to a screwdriver; from an upside-down bottle to your imaginary helicopter design. And it’s not only restricted to imagination, if you have broken a piece of your machinery, rather than running behind manufacturers, you can just get it replicated here. You can make quick modeling of your product before a presentation; even design your own jewellery.

Industries 3D Modeling can be used in:

  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Dental
  • Engineering
  • Fashion
  • Architecture
  • Medical

Printing is available in these materials: PLASTICS : ABS, Polyamide, PLA

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3D Scale Modeling Services

Turn your imagination into miniature models.

Scope of 3D scale Modeling extends to:

  • Industrial plant 3D scale model
  • Machinery 3D scale model
  • Product 3d Modelling
  • Working prototype 3d modeling

3D Scale Modeling Services

3D Rapid Prototyping Service

Test your product feasibility before putting it to the final production. This has turned out to be best and most cost effective way of sampling.

Scope of 3D Prototyping:

  • Functional 3D prototypes
  • New Product 3D prototypes
  • Research 3D Prototypes
  • Spares 3D prototypes
  • Gifting 3D prototypes

3D Rapid Prototyping Service


Ready with the idea, but don’t know how to proceed. Instapro3d offers you 3d designing services… where we create a 3d design of your product which enables you to further optimise it. Once you are satisfied with your digital 3d prototype, we can print a 3d prototype.
Scope of 3d designing and printing:

  • CAD modelling
  • Product development
  • 3d rendering

3d designing services
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